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best time of my life

more to come! my blog does not do justice to these photos. 

mega credits to benjamin, char siew bao mx & zi jing!


my first & biggest victory in year 2010.


Jul. 26th, 2010

lovely mv!

(amazingly, i found this through miss violent-loudhailer grace lim. like WOW. hahaha.)

Jul. 12th, 2010

Trying very very hard to fight back tears.
im sick and tired of repeating myself over and over again.
if thats what you think of me, fine. so be it.

roller coaster

really really pissed for the 1001th time.

It takes absence to value presence. (:

not being productive at all. guess my brain has shut off at this timing.

let the emotions flow

felt that i really wanted to blog at this particular moment. (a perfect opportunity to revive my dead blog a little too heh.)

just this little wish of mine, which i dont know whether it should even be called a 'wish'.
but oh well, just take it that it is.
i had this wish every single day.
it may not be something really significant, but i just desire for it to happen.
but it seems that it will never be fulfilled?

other than this,
cant deny that im quite affected and disturbed by whatever happened today.
certainly hope that from next week onwards, everything will get better?

doesnt matter if you people dont get what im saying.
i just had the urge to type this down for myself. for self-reflection purposes. =)

its time for us to advance. as a whole group.
we do not just move on within our own cliques.
and we do not just keep everything within our own friends.
member or not, EVERY single one of us is a comrade in this.
no one should be left behind. no one should be looked down upon.

no prejudices should be involved.

- crystal


best o&g, best tpsd meeting ever ever ever.
freshies, big welcome to the TP/TPSD family.
juniors, its time for us to take the lead.
seniors, best of luck in this new beginning of yet another significant phase of your life.

(stay tuned for more updates on the awesome O&G 2010)

school's starting in less than 24 hours time!
yet i still feel as if i've graduated. hahahaha.

needs a little escape.

food like ice cream is a good antidote for me when i feel..... pissed. down. 
if nobody appreciates that tub of ice-cream, its ok.
i just take it that im treating myself to one whole tub of it.
perfectly fine to me. :))

it certainly sucks having the feeling that i seemed to be the only one who's the most nervous about everything. while the rest are dilly-dallying, taking their own sweet time.
and whats more, its 2 different people having this same kind of attitude.

i know its wrong for me to say this. but i just cant shut up and pretend that everything's ok.
because it makes me look & sound like a fool.
yet the truth is im not.

and i feel happier to know that there are people who behaves worse than me.
another incorrect way of thinking, but still. =)

im supposed to be updating my blog, end up im reading other people's blogs.

stay alert!